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This year’s NHA Accelerator Program – Batch 3
opens its doors for You!
We are looking for startups
that provide the best-fit solutions for challenges addressed by our established
companies. Alongside long-term members like Hübner, W. & L. Jordan, and die
Pharmadrucker, we were able to invite the Evangelische Kirche from Kurhessen-Waldeck, SMA Solar Technology AG, and Jens Marggraf for this year’s innovative accelerator in the
region of North Hesse. Take on the challenge and define, together with these
companies, new and innovative solutions to advance the daily and operational


This year, the focus is on how artificial
intelligence that can drive material, energy, and cost savings, as well as
create new products for sustainability
. We will first seek startups with
potential solutions in the region of Hesse and later if none are found, we will
expand the search to Germany, Europe, and beyond.


Are you a
startup innovating in the fields of AI chatbots, marketing intelligence and automation
tools, employee learning tools, smart production & machine intelligence, AI-supported
production, and smart customer handling
? Apply now for our 3rd
NHA-Batch and take the opportunity to collaborate with regional industry
leaders, gain valuable insights, and accelerate your growth. Don’t miss this
chance to showcase your solutions and drive innovation forward. 


Submit your application today! You can submit your pitchdeck by August 9, 2024 to info@nha-ev.de


That was the second batch of the NHA!


The teams of Sera from Immenhausen with MesoMat from Hamilton (CA), the Kassel-based transition system specialist Hübner with Cozero from Berlin, the Kassel-based Viessmann Group with Blue Heart Energy from Alkmaar (NL), Die Pharmadrucker from Melsungen with innovey from Bremen and W. & L. Jordan from Kassel with Planner 5D

from Vilnius (LT) cooperated successfully.

That’s what the new round of the second batches was all about:

predictive maintenance
of pumps

Sera | MesoMat

predictive maintenance of pumps

The Canadian start-up MesoMat and Immenhausen-based sera GmbH are developing a sensor system for a membrane to predict maintenance intervals. They collaborate to create a new sensor system for a diaphragm that predicts maintenance intervals. sera pumps are widely used in different industries. The new sensor technology aims to predict faults and prevent failures.

identification of the
CO2 footprint

Hübner | Cozero

identification of the CO2 footprint

The Kassel-based HÜBNER Group, in cooperation with Berlin-based Cozero GmbH, convinced the jury with a project that aims to reduce a company's carbon footprint in the long term and to identify opportunities for decarbonisation. With the help of an easy-to-use tool based on a standard spreadsheet, HÜBNER itself can create these CO2 footprints and make them available to customers.

heat pump

Viessmann | Blue Heart

heat pump optimisation

In the collaboration between the Dutch company BlueHeart energy and Viessmann, the experts focused on increasing the efficiency of heat pumps. The models of the future are to be compatible with every type of building without more costly additional measures and thus become significantly more affordable, so that more households can afford this type of energy generation.

3D room
& carpet planner

Jordan | Planner 5D

3D room & carpet planner

The cooperation between W. & L. Jordan GmbH and Planner5D from Lithuania enables room planning with almost all senses. Together, the companies implemented a solution to integrate floor coverings into a precisely fitting plan and to enable consultants and customers to configure with the intended interior. In addition, the planning software can be used to replace and standardise the existing different configurators.

funding search

Die Pharmadrucker | innovey

automated funding search

Die Pharmadrucker from Melsungen and the start-up Innovey from Bremen present their cooperation. When looking for funding for various projects, many get lost in the sprawling requirements and forms. Innovey's app picks up exactly where it left off and helps with a simple search mask to find the right funding. In this way, SMEs in particular can push ahead with their disruptive ideas and benefit from dynamic innovations.

About us

We at NHA are always delighted to welcome you in person at events and showcase the innovative solutions developed collaboratively by start-ups and medium-sized companies in a short span of time. Over the last six events, we have had the pleasure of meeting nearly 400 participants


On March 28, 2023, the NHA “Demo Day” was held at the Science Park Kassel. Alongside an engaging panel discussion on sustainability & innovation, we were honored to host extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann as our keynote speaker.

BATCH 1 – START 2021 (completed)

That was the first batch of the NHA! 


The teams of Faubel from Melsungen with Saralon from Chemnitz, W. & L. Jordan from Kassel with immersight from Ulm, the Kassel-based transition system specialist Hübner with Footfalls and Heartbeats from Nottingham (UK), and the Viessmann Group with Vypno cooperated successfully.

That’s what the first batch, which ran until March 24, 2022, was all about:

Transition Systems

Hübner | Footfalls & Heartbeats

transition systems

Together with the British startup Footfalls & Heartbeats, HÜBNER has developed a use case for intelligent transition systems. By integrating sensors into elastomer-coated textiles, e.g. for transition systems of articulated buses or streetcar vehicles, data is generated to derive information about operating conditions during the journey.

Satellite based roof detection

Viessmann | Vypno

Satellite based roof detection

In the collaboration project between Viessmann and the startup Vypno, the measurement of roofs for the preparation of offers for PV systems was innovated. Based on satellite images, roofs including interfering surfaces can now be measured in a matter of seconds by a semi-skilled AI.

Virtual workspace

Jordan | Immersight

Virtual workspace

The creation of a virtual workspace was the objective of Jordan and the startup Immersight. With a 360° camera, a digital twin of the room was created in which measurements, documentation of work results and the use of the images in a virtual showroom for the flooring and interior design trade are possible.

Intelligent blisters

Faubel | Saralon

Intelligent blisters

The project team around Faubel and Saralon focused on tablet blisters with printed conductive tracks, which are intended to store the time at which the medication is taken. Based on several printing tests at Faubel, Saralon developed a special ink that plays a decisive role in the production of a "smart blister.

Challenge Space

These are examples of the topics that NHA partners aim to innovate in. The challenges for future batches will arise from these areas.



• Digitize processes

• Implement cloud solutions

• Application of big data analysis

• And many more...



• Predictive maintenance

• Allowing companies to decrease their maintenance costs by using big data analytics

• Retrofitting machines

• Making old machines “smart” by providing addable sensor solutions

• And many more...



• Fleet optimization

• Using analytics to find coordinate delivery & the fleet in the smartest and most efficient way

• Last mile delivery

• Proving solutions to make the last mile delivery feasible and eco-friendly

• And many more...



• Sales optimization

• Gathering insight through big data analytics and providing suggestions to increase sales

• Automated customer support

• Using smart solutions to lower customer support costs while maintaining customer satisfaction

• And many more...

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

• Supply chain transparency

• Using solutions as digital twin to make supply chain transparent

• Supply chain optimization

• Using new solutions eliminate administrative efforts between suppliers

• And many more...

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