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The Platform for a constructive teamplay



Identification and networking of relevant companies, sponsors, service providers, finances, institutions | Building nat./intern. Ecosystems



Increased awareness and strengthening of the North Hessian startup and innovation ecosystem



Creation of a cooperation platform and spatial infrastructure for the stakeholders (especially SMEs and startups)

What we offer

Solve problems faster &
more successfully

Quick and easy generation of experiences with the startup community

Accelerating digital transformation

Cultural change through cooperation

Global program with great appeal

»Strengthen your company regionally and internationally with a clear focus on innovation!«

Challenge Space

These are the topics in which the NHA partner companies want to innovate. The challenges of the future batches will come from these areas. 



Definition of use cases & problems for which a solution is needed


with a suitable startup. Fine specification of project plan & use cases.

Continuous exchange

Offer iteration with startups & solutions

• Workshop (5x)

• Demo Day

• Definition of requirements

Building a network

Continuation of the cooperation, long-term implementation of the solutions

Current NHA Team Partners

The following companies from North Hesse are the challenge providers. Apply to become a registered team member, if you are an innovation-hungry company from North Hesse.

The cooperation and process partner of the North Hesse Accelerate program is PwC Germany as well as the NVV Hessen.

You have Questions?

We answered the most frequent ones for you!
  • Submit a membership application to the Executive Board
  • Fast and unbureaucratic admission procedure according to clear criteria
  • Admission to the association with all rights and obligations
  • Identification and networking of relevant companies, sponsors, service providers, financial sector, institutions among each other and with startups from national and international ecosystems
  • Increase of awareness, as well as strengthening of the North Hessian startup & innovation ecosystem.
  • Creation of a cooperation platform and spatial infrastructure for stakeholders (esp. SMEs and startups)
  • Solving current problems and challenges
  • See membership fee schedule
  • Proportionate funding by the state of Hesse with ERDF funds is foreseen until April 2021.
  • SME component included in the membership fees
  • One paid pilot per use case – amount to be agreed between client and StartUp
  • Many, accompanied possibilities for further cooperation after project completion
  • Clear commitment of the management to participate
  • Provision of problem definitions and challenges
  • Continuous interface internally and definition of requirements
    • -> Goal: Adaptation of solution to own needs
  • Participation in the program: 5 one-day workshops and one demo day (workload approx. 8-10 days)
  • Release of the necessary employees (workload approx. 8-10 days)
  • Award of contract is at the discretion of the client
  • Accompanied rollout of the solution in the company
  • Long-term cooperation with the StartUp
  • Participation in the StartUps

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